Steve Randolph, President and Senior Consultant

Steve has provided program/project management and system/software engineering services to the commercial and government clients for over 30 years. Mr. Randolph received his B.S. Degree in Finance and his M.S. in Technology Management from The University of Maryland. Steve began his career working for Price Waterhouse Coopers Management Consulting Services. At PWC, Steve worked to implement a new FAR-compliant accounting system for Government Contracts. After a successful implementation, Steve left PWC to develop a comprehensive resource planning system for a Division of the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). Working for the Government Systems Division of Software Technology, Inc. (STI), Steve developed an Oracle-based management information system that was eventually used by seven NRL Divisions supporting 400 employees. The NRL project eventually expanded to include the development of finance, accounting, and management systems for the Lab’s Business Operations Directorate. Steve’s technical roles encompassed business process analysis, system design, network and security systems implementation, Web architecture, help desk, and operations. At STI, Steve’s level of corporate responsibility expanded to include the management of multiple large-scale system development projects as Segment Manager of the rapidly growing Information Systems Segment. In this role, Steve was responsible for cost and schedule management for $4M in annual revenue. Steve’s considerable engineering and management accomplishments provide Information Delivery Systems, Inc. with a solid foundation for success.       

Buddy Brownstein, Vice President and Chief Software Engineer

Buddy has 30+ years experience designing and developing software in a wide range of domains. He holds B.S. degrees in Computer Science and Math, and is currently pursuing a Masters of Information Technology from George Washington University. Just out of school, Buddy started with Software Technology, Inc. (STI) in 1987, and was immediately assigned the task of developing software to facilitate the analysis of data from the Oriented Scintillation Spectrometer Experiment (OSSE), aboard NASA’s Compton Gamma Ray Observatory. In this role, he worked closely with prominent astrophysicists at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) to design and implement leading-edge analysis tools, which significantly contributed to the current state of understanding of the formation of the Universe. The customer relationship that he developed in this role, along with the expertise that he demonstrated in traditional (3 GL) programming, made Buddy the natural choice to be asked to develop one of the earliest web projects undertaken at the NRL - a satellite design tool that has been used in the construction of many of the most significant spacecraft built to date. When Buddy created the Cosmic Ray Effects on Micro-Electronics (CREME) website in 1995, it was in fact, one of the earliest interactive websites in existence, and it led to the application for a patent on the code and the processes employed. As he transitioned further into the area of Information Systems, Buddy was instrumental in the coding of the financial management system for the Space Science Division of the NRL, and later took on a lead role in the design and development of the Lab-wide Integrated Management/Processing System (IMPS). As a principal at IDS, Buddy will continue to be a hands-on developer, while at the same time using his “people skills” to help foster the growth of in-coming engineers and to contribute to the growth of the business as a whole.      


Brad Myers, Vice President and Senior Consultant

Brad has over 30 years experience managing software development, network support and customer support operations in a variety of computing environments. Brad is currently a Vice President of IDS, Inc. and is working with the Naval Research Laboratory as the Deputy Project Manager for a agency wide data center and financial application deployment.  Brad received his B.S. in Business Administration and an MBA (concentrating in Information Systems Management) from the University of Maryland. After earning his B.S. degree, Brad worked for ComTech Systems, Inc. configuring and installing business telecommunications systems. Brad moved to Tower Federal Credit Union where he performed a full range of Human Resource activities including recruiting, training, benefit analysis, and the implementation of an automated Human Resource Information System (HRIS). He then joined Government Technology Services, Inc. as their dedicated HRIS administrator working with the CYBORG HRIS in an Open VMS environment. From there Brad joined Computer Based Systems, Inc. and worked on contract with the NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center as a system engineer performing LAN and messaging administration, user support, and the desktop implementation of custom client server application - the Requirements Management System. In 1994 Brad joined Universal Hi-Tech Development as a Project Manager and Site Director on contract with the Army Research Laboratories (ARL). At ARL he was the hands-ons direct lead for two information support teams. These contract teams were responsible for the support, implementation, and troubleshooting of all enterprise networking strategies, help desk administration, software development and support of most of the Army Research Laboratories’ business applications. In 1998, Brad joined STI to manage a software development team with the Naval Research Lab. The software development team was supporting and re-engineering a custom Oracle RDBMS financial system for the Naval Center for Space Technology Division of NRL.  Brad's broad range of system support, software engineering and technical management experience bring management diversity and a solid record of success to IDS, Inc.